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Bankruptcy Attorney Pittsburgh, Ross Township, West View, 15237, Chapter 7, Chapter 13

Bankruptcy Alternative Services

Collection Defense


Creditors use our Pennsylvania Court System as a collection strategy to force people into settlements or preserve their claims against people for up to another 20 years post-judgment.  People tend to think they have no real defenses to collection lawsuits and will ignore the collection lawsuit, settle with the creditor, or file bankruptcy to stop the collection lawsuit.


The truth, however, is that people do have defenses that, when properly asserted, can result in a dismissal or stoppage of the collection lawsuit.


This option can help you avoid the need to file bankruptcy when the creditor fails to meet its requirements in the lawsuit. We demand the creditor prove its case against you by asserting the proper objections and defenses.  Unfortunately, we see people attempt to represent themselves in court time after time and it does not end well for most. Asserting the right defenses from the start of the collection lawsuit is crucial to beating the creditor in court.  If you attempt to research how to beat a creditor in court and use the wrong information, you could ultimately shoot yourself in the foot and lose the lawsuit. Hiring an experienced Pennsylvania collection defense attorney is worth it.     

FDCPA & FCRA Claims Against The Debt Collector


Even though debt collectors have a right to collect debt owed to them, they must do so without breaking the law.  You have rights that protect you from harassing, misleading, and deceptive tactics of collectors.  Unfortunately, certain debt collectors have no problem violating the law.  When consumer violations occur, it is important to hire an attorney who not only knows the law, but who is aggressive enough to file claims on your behalf. 


At EDF Law, we can determine if the debt collectors have violated consumer law and we can file legal action on your behalf without you paying us.  You may be entitled to up to $1,000.00 for the violation plus actual damages and the debt collector, not you, pays your attorney's fees.

Pre-Bankruptcy Debt Resolution 


You probably have seen the commericals on TV or listened to the radio ads of companies claiming to have the answer to address your specific debt problem.  Perhaps you did a Google search to explore your options online and one of these out-of- town companies caught your eye and you visited their website and it looked promising.  


Out-of-town companies for tax relief, credit card relief, foreclosure relief or student loan relief need to be explored with caution.  The saying "if it's too good to be true then it probably is" comes to mind.  "Buyer beware" also comes to mind. Why? Because most of these companies don't deliver on their promises to help you in your time of need.  They may very well make your situation worse!  There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all debt relief process.  A person's financial situation can vary greatly from one person to another.  Hiring one of those cookie-cutter one-option debt relief companies can be a big mistake. 


Whether you are suffering from a tax problem, credit card problem, high medical bills, payday loans, a repossession, utility delinquencies, a foreclosure, a collection lawsuit or some other debt problem...give us a call.  We offer a free in-person debt review consultation to determine if a pre-bankruptcy workout arrangement can be achieved with the creditor currently on your back. Perhaps you have more than just one debt problem or more than one creditor harassing you.  No worries, we can assess your overall situation to find the right solution for you.  Get honest answers for your debt questions and find out if you can avoid bankruptcy and put together a debt relief plan that makes sense and can be achieved based on your current financial circumstances.  

Bankruptcy Attorney Pittsburgh, Ross Township, West View, 15237, Chapter 7, Chapter 13

How one person handles a debt problem does not mean it will work for you.  A true debt relief professional will have the knowledge and experience to explore a range of solutions to find the right one for you, or be honest enough to inform you that such methods will not work and why.


At our office, we look at all aspects of a person's situation before advising which debt relief options will work best.






Factors we consider include:


A person's current budget as well as their expected budget in the foreseeable future

The number of credit accounts that have outstanding balances

The types of debts and their overall amount

Whether the credit accounts are delinquent and, if so, how long they have been delinquent

Whether there have been any attempts to collect the debt, including phone calls, letters, liens or lawsuits




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