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Debt Buyer Lawsuit Defense

Thousands of debt buyer collection lawsuits are filed every year in Pennsylvania.  The purpose behind these lawsuits is obvious - to get you to pay the debt buyer.  Too often, people ignore these lawsuits or quickly call the debt buyer to work out a payment plan, even if that payment plan is not affordable in the long run.  What many people don't realize is that they have a good chance of getting the lawsuit dismissed by the court or having the debt buyer stop the lawsuit without paying anything to the debt buyer.  You are probably skeptical about this debt relief option, but we have helped hundreds of people in Pennsylvania win when debt buyers have sued them.  


When debt buyers file collection lawsuits, they are required to meet certain procedural and evidentiary standards.  They cannot merely claim that you owe a debt to them.  When you timely raise the proper legal challenges, the debt buyer is forced to prove its case.  But if you fail to challenge the collection lawsuit in the proper timeframe, the debt buyer wins automatically. 


If you let the debt buyer win automatically, a court judgment is entered against you.  Once the judgment is entered, the debt buyer will have other collection methods besides harassing phone calls and letters. A judgment may allow the debt buyer to place a lien against your home, sell certain personal property, or freeze your bank account.  A judgment will allow these debt buyers the opportunity to involuntarily collect from you for up to 20 years.  


Most people will ignore these lawsuits out of frustration, fear, or embarrassment.  Other people will quickly call the debt buyer to work out a deal, forgetting why they were unable to pay the debt in the first place.  Both of these decisions are wrong because they are based on emotion, which is exactly what the debt buyer is hoping for.


What the debt buyer doesn't want you to do is contact an experienced consumer rights attorney.  Contact EDF Law because we have the experience and knowledge to help expose the lawsuit's defects and raise real defenses to obtain a dismissal.


But we don't stop there.  We can also help you after the lawsuit is dismissed.  To find out what happens after the dismissal of the collection lawsuit and how we can continue to help you at no additional cost, please contact us.

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