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Credit Card Lawsuit Defense

Each year in Pennsylvania, banks are flooding our court system by filing thousands of lawsuits for nonpayment by the borrower. These types of lawsuits are filed by the original issuer of the credit card account, not debt buyers.  Too often, people ignore these lawsuits or quickly call the creditor to work out a payment plan, even if that payment plan is not affordable in the long-run.


A credit card collection lawsuit is meant to pressure you into a settlement that favors the creditor.  What the creditor does not want you to know is that you may have options to defeat this lawsuit if you respond to the lawsuit in a timely and proper manner.  As is the case with any lawsuit filed in a court of law, a creditor must prove its case against you, including the amount claimed.  Additionally, the lawsuit must comply with Pennsylvania procedural and evidentiary rules, but this is not always accomplished when a creditor files a lawsuit against you for an unpaid debt.


The creditor is hoping you ignore this lawsuit because you may have real defenses.  Don't ignore this lawsuit or assume you have no defenses.   Having a true consumer rights attorney by your side can maximize the benefits the law allows as well as help you receive realistic debt relief.  At EDF Law, not only do we help clients defend against these types of lawsuits, we help our clients resolve the debt with a wide range of options that are realistic when matched with the client's personal circumstances. 

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