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The automatic stay laws of the Bankruptcy Code go into effect in most cases from the moment the bankruptcy is filed.  This law stops creditors from continuing their attempts to collect the debt you owe, including phone calls, collection letters, and pending or starting collection lawsuits.  It can result in a quick remedy for the creditor harassment and demands.


Once your bankruptcy case is successfully completed, the discharge of the debts picks up where the automatic stay leaves off and permanently prevents your creditors from ever collecting a discharged debt for the rest of your life.


At EDF Law, we can help you stop the creditor harassment by using the powerful laws of the Bankruptcy Code.  Trust us to help you stop creditor harassment.





Collection Lawsuit Defense


When facing a collection lawsuit, it is important to seek the opinion of an experienced consumer rights attorney.  In addition to helping you assert a strong defense to the lawsuit itself, an experienced consumer rights attorney will also be able to help you determine if any collection law violations were committed by the creditor when it filed the lawsuit.     


If the lawsuit is a collection law violation, we can represent you for free and will seek damages against the creditor, including up to $1,000.00 for the violation plus actual damages suffered by you.  Additionally, the creditor, not you, pays our attorney's fees.  


This option has limits because you only have a certain timeframe to respond to the lawsuit.  Don't delay - contact us as soon as possible to determine your rights and find out what we can do for you.







Creditor Harassment



FDCPA Claims Against The Debt Collector


Even though creditors have a right to collect debt owed to them, they must do so without breaking the law.  You have rights that protect you from harassing, misleading, and deceptive tactics of collectors.  Unfortunately, certain creditors or debt collectors have no problem violating the law.  When consumer violations occur, it is important to hire an attorney who not only knows the law, but who is aggressive enough to file claims on your behalf. 


At EDF Law, we can determine if your creditors or the debt collectors have violated consumer law and we can file legal action on your behalf without you paying us.  You may be entitled to up to $1,000.00 for the violation plus actual damages and the creditor, not you, pays our attorney's fees.


Other consumer laws may have been violated as well or in the alternative - give us a call to find out more.









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