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If I want to hire an attorney, are the fees expensive?

Our fees to repesent you in any collection lawsuit will depend on a few factors that we can discuss during your free consultation.  Our fees are based on a flat rate with no hidden or additional fees. 


At EDF Law, we offer competitive rates and affordable payment plans that fit most budgets.  We understand this may be a difficult time for you and the last thing you need is to over pay for legal fees.


If the credit card lawsuit is a violation of consumer law, we will represent you for free and demand monetary damages & attorney's fees directly from the creditor.  In such cases, you will receive up to $1,000.00 for the violation plus actual damages when the creditor breaks the law.  To find out if the credit card lawsuit filed against you is a violation, contact us.

Will I have to go to court?

That will depend on how you handle the credit card lawsuit.  If you elect to represent yourself, you will have to go to court to defend yourself against the claims.  In most circumstances when you hire an experienced debt defense attorney, you will not have to go to court. There may be unique circumstances in your case that make it beneficial for you to attend a court hearing or require your attendance.       


We offer free consultations and can answer all of your questions or concerns when facing collection lawsuits.  By hiring us, you may avoid the inconvenience of calling off work and the stress of appearing in court.  The credit card company has trained attorneys representing it, and so should you.

If the credit card lawsuit is not defective or I cannot work out an affordable arrangement with the credit card company, are there any alternative debt relief options?

Yes.  Bankruptcy can be a realistic option to eliminate or reduce the credit card debt.  Bankruptcy will not only stop the credit card lawsuit, but it will also eliminate or reduce your other debts, if eligible.  There are times when bankruptcy is the right option for your debt situation and should not be viewed as a last resort.  At our office, we provide a personalized and complete evaluation of your situation to determine which options are going to provide you the realistic debt relief you are seeking.

What if I have more debt problems than just this credit card lawsuit?

If your debt problems include more that this credit card lawsuit, you may want to consider bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy may be the better option because it includes all of your debts and the discharge will provide you an overall fresh start.  Bankruptcy may also be the cheaper option when taking into consideration the possibility of multiple collection lawsuits.  When consulting with a debt relief professional, we find it more advantageous to seek the advice of an attorney that offers a range of debt relief services.  Attorneys that only offer one type of debt relief have a financial incentive to promote that option and wrongly attack other options.  At EDF Law, we are a true full service debt relief office that can explore all of your options.  We have to knowledge and experience to help you by utilitzing different types of debt relief that will fit your personal situation and budget.


Visit our Chapter 7 bankruptcy page or Chapter 13 bankruptcy page for more information.

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We Have Helped People When Facing Lawsuits Filed By These Creditors:



Bank of America

Barclays Bank Delaware

Capital One Bank

Chase Bank

Dell Financial Services LLC

Discover Bank

FIA Card Services, N.A.

GE Money Bank

GE Capital Retail Bank

TD Bank, N.A.



Many other creditors

Bankruptcy Attorney Pittsburgh, Ross Township, West View, 15237, Chapter 7, Chapter 13

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