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What is a Debt Buyer?

A debt buyer is a company that purchases old and delinquent credit accounts in bulk from creditors such as CitiBank, Bank of America, Chase, PNC, GE Capital and others for pennies on the dollar.  After the "purchase" of the delinquent debt, the debt buyer will attempt to aggressively collect the debt. 


As part of its collection efforts, the debt buyer may elect to file a lawsuit.  What people may not realize is that these types of collection lawsuits may have defects that the debt buyer will not be able to overcome when the consumer properly asserts objections or defenses.


At EDF Law, although past experience cannot serve as a guarantee, we have the experience and knowledge to help expose any defects and raise real defenses to obtain a dismissal of the lawsuit without you ever having to go to court. 

What companies are considered Debt Buyers?

You are facing a debt buyer if you notice the lawsuit, collection letter or negative credit report listing is from:


Troy Capital LLC

Cavalry SPV I LLC

LVNV Funding LLC

Midland Credit Management Inc.

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC



There are many other companies that are considered debt buyers.  If you do not recognize the name of the company attempting to collect debt from you, the company is either a debt buyer or collection agency.  Contact our office for a free consultation and we can advise you how to best protect yourself from any sort of debt collection.


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What are my chances of beating the Debt Buyer in Court?

Although no attorney can provide you a guaranteed outcome based on past experience, we have defended hundreds of people facing Debt Buyer lawsuits and have been successful in every case thus far.  We know the law and aggressively represent our clients.  


When facing a Debt Buyer lawsuit, look no further than EDF Law.  You may be surprised how affordable it can be to hire our experienced attorneys.  

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Past experience and/or success cannot serve as a guarantee of certain outcomes.

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