Mortgage Foreclosure Defense

In recent years, mortgage companies have been exposed for various flaws with their foreclosure process when they decided to file legal action against Pennsylvania homeowners' homes.  This in turn resulted in mortgage rescue "companies" springing up to help people save their homes in "creative" ways.  More often than not, these rescue companies offer services that will not work or are scams, making it harder for people to find real help once they are too far along in the foreclosure process.


Also, legitimate options such as loan modification requests or Pennsylvania court foreclosure diversion programs rely heavily on the mortgage company negotiating with the homeowner in good faith.  The longer it takes to resolve the mortgage foreclosure, the fewer options you may have down the road to help save your home.  


At EDF Law, we help people find real relief from the mortgage foreclosures they are facing by exploring their personal situation.  It is not just about the foreclosure, but rather a person's overall financial situation.  The household budget and the overall debt situation, in addition to the home loan, are important factors in helping people save their home.  Our goal is the implement a plan that will effectively resolve the home loan issues and allow a person to avoid the loss of their home.  


We provide a free consultation to explore all of your options to save your home, including a review of the mortgage foreclosure action, to determine if any defects exist and what you should expect going forward.





Please be aware that time limitations will apply to the lawsuit.  You must act quickly because a response to the lawsuit will be required within the deadlines set forth in the lawsuit papers.  We have helped people facing similar lawsuits resolve the lawsuits utilizing various methods.  Contact us today to receive a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you gain relief from the lawsuit.  When you call us, don't forget to ask about how we might be able to help you at no cost and what happens after the lawsuit is resolved.

Foreclosure Judgments May Result In:



The loss of your home



A secondary legal action against you to collect any deficiency on the home loan



Potential tax consequences depending on the type of real estate & your situation



A negative effect on your credit report for years or even decades in certain circumstances

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If the mortgage foreclosure lawsuit is not defective or I cannot work out an arrangement with my lender, are there any alternatives to save my home?

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a good option to save your home from foreclosure.  First, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help extend the time required to pay the lender the amount you are behind.  Instead of paying the lender a lump sum for the amount you are behind, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can break up the delinquency into monthly payments. Also, Chapter 13 bankruptcy will reorganize all of your debt and this may free up the necessary funds needed to save your home.  In most cases, Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the mortgage foreclosure lawsuit the moment you file the Chapter 13 bankruptcy case.  You can also apply for a loan modification in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case and there may be beneficial reasons to do so in Chapter 13 rather than outside of the bankruptcy process.  Contact our office for more details or visit our Chapter 13 page.

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