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National Collegiate Student Loan Trust Lawsuit

Have you been sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust in Pennsylvania? Don't make the mistake of calling National Collegiate Student Loan Trust or its attorneys before speaking to a consumer rights attorney!  We can save you from the harassment by winning your case. The purpose behind these lawsuits is obvious - to get you to pay National Collegiate Student Loan Trust.  Too often, people ignore these lawsuits or quickly call the creditor to work out a payment plan, even if that payment plan is not affordable in the long run.  What many people don't realize is that they have a good chance of getting the lawsuit dismissed by the court or having the creditor stop the lawsuit.  You are probably skeptical about this, but we have helped many people in Pennsylvania win when creditors such as National Collegiate Student Loan Trust have sued them.    


When creditors file collection lawsuits, they are required to meet certain procedural and evidentiary standards.  They cannot merely claim that you owe a debt to them.  When you raise the proper legal challenges, the creditors are forced to prove their case.  But if you fail to timely challenge the collection lawsuit, the creditor wins automatically. 


If you let the creditor win automatically, a court judgment is entered against you.  Once the judgment is entered, the creditor will have other collection methods besides harassing phone calls and letters.  A judgment may allow the creditor to place a lien against your home, sell certain personal property, freeze your bank account and the judgment will appear on your credit report for at least 7 years. 


Most people will ignore these lawsuits out of frustration, fear, or embarrassment.  Other people will quickly call the creditor to work out a deal, forgetting why they were unable to pay the debt in the first place.  Both of these decisions are wrong because they are based on emotion, which is exactly what the creditor is hoping for.


What National Collegiate Student Loan Trust doesn't want you to do is contact an experienced consumer rights attorney.  Contact EDF Law because we have the experience and knowledge to help expose the lawsuit's defects and raise real defenses to obtain a dismissal.


But we don't stop there.  We can also help you after the lawsuit is dismissed.  To find out what happens after the dismissal of the collection lawsuit and how we can continue to help you at no additional cost, give us a call.

Collection Judgments May Result In:


A lien against your house, making it difficult to sell or refinance



The sale of your personal property, including your vehicle & household furnishings



A bank account garnishment freezing your account



A negative effect on your credit report for years 

Bankruptcy Attorney Pittsburgh, Ross Township, West View, 15237, Chapter 7, Chapter 13
Bankruptcy Attorney Pittsburgh, Ross Township, West View, 15237, Chapter 7, Chapter 13

Request a Free Lawsuit Review:

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Who is National Collegiate Student Loan Trust?

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust is actually a series of trusts that contain private student loans pooled together and sold to investors ("debt buyers"). Each trust is provided a number (e.g., 2006-3 or similar number). These Trusts are not lenders, servicers, or guarantors of the private student loans.       

Has the statute of limitations expired?

Whether the statute of limitations ("SOL") has expired will be determined by State law as well as the terms and conditions of the student loan note.  Do not just assume that the SOL has expired because you never made a payment or haven't made a payment in years.  A detailed review of the student loan note is needed.


Even if the SOL has expired, if a lawsuit was filed, you must still defend against the lawsuit in a timely manner.


We may be able to help you beat National Collegiate Student Loan Trust regardless of whether the SOL expired or not.  Also, if the SOL expired, we will sue the debt collector for violating the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and seek monetary damages for you.


Contact us Today!    


Can EDF Law help me beat National Collegiate Student Loan Trust?

Although no attorney can provide you a guaranteed outcome based on past experience, we have defended hundreds of people facing Debt Buyer lawsuits and have been successful in every case thus far.  We know the law and aggressively represent our clients.  


When facing a National Collegiate Student Loan Trust lawsuit, look no further than EDF Law.  Contact us Today!

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Past experience and/or success cannot serve as a guarantee of certain outcomes.

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