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When You Can't Sell Your Unwanted House...

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Have questions about a foreclosure that was filed but you no longer want the house? Give us a call at 1.866.520.6376 to find out what happens after a foreclosure action is filed and what you can expect to happen going forward. Depending on the circumstances, you could have tax consequences after surrendering the property. There could also be negative credit report consequences that you need to be aware of. If you filed a bankruptcy case and received a discharge of the related home loan, you really need to call us to find out if the loan is being properly reported to the credit bureaus. You may be entitled to monetary damages and corrections to your credit report that could help your credit score. We provide free credit report reviews for people eligible for a free review. Call our office at 1.866.520.6376 or e-mail us at for a free consultation to find out more.

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