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Did You Receive a Duquesne Light Shut Off Notice?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

You may have recently received a Duquesne Light Shut Off Notice like the one below:



Atencion! Este es un mensaje muy importante.

Your Electric Service May Be Shut Off!

Because your bill is past due, we will shut off the service to [your residence] on or after 8:00 am on [specified date].

We may act on this notice for up to 60 days.

We will NOT Shut off your electric service if you do ONE of the following:

  • Pay $[requested amount] in full before [specified date].

  • Pay the amount you owe on your payment plan.

  • Provide a valid Western Union confirmation number to verify your payment for the past due amount.

  • Dispute this bill or provide us with household income and occupant information. You may be eligible for a payment arrangement or special assistance programs.

If we shut off your electric service, you may have to pay all of the following before we can turn your service on:

Overdue Account Arrears $[Specified amount]

Estimated Security Deposit $[Specified amount]

Reconnect Charge Up-To $250.00

Estimated Total $XXX.XX Maximum turn-on charge. May be reduced.

*If your service is shut off, you may be required to pay any additional amounts that have become past due to restore your service.


If you received Duquesne Light Shut Off Notice or if another utility company sent you a shut off notice and you are having trouble paying the bill, you should contact our office today. You may able to keep your utilities on and eliminate the past due bill as well as other debts that you are having a difficult time paying.

Bankruptcy can be a good option to help you obtain a financial fresh start including eliminating past due utility bills while at the same time helping you keep your electric, gas, water, and/or other utilities on. A utility company such as Duquesne Light Company cannot refuse you future service because you filed bankruptcy.

What else is bankruptcy good for besides stopping a Duquesne Light shut off notice?

Bankruptcy may help you:

* Stop lawsuits, including credit card collection lawsuits and foreclosure actions.

* Stop harassing collection phone calls from debt collectors and creditors.

* Eliminate or reduce credit card debt, medical bills, payday loans, personal loans, and other eligible debts.

* Keep most, if not all, of your property, including your home, vehicles, checking/savings accounts and retirement accounts.

Contact our office for a free consultation to see if we can help you stop the shut off of your electric by Duquesne Light Company or other utility. If you received a Duquesne Light shut off notice, CALL 412-366-4276 TODAY. We may be help to help you keep your lights on and stop Duquesne Light from shutting off your electric.

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