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Sued By A Student Loan Lender or Someone You Don't Recognize?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Sued by a National Collegiate Student Loan Trust or a student loan lender? They are starting to file legal action again and you may have defenses to the lawsuit. With bankruptcy not being a very good option for most people with student loan debt issues, the leverage is currently mostly with the student loan lenders. However, if you have been behind on your private student loans and have now been sued by one of the student loan lenders, including a National Collegiate Student Loan Trust, we may be able to help you and that help does not involve filing bankruptcy. Eugene Frank is one of the leading attorneys in Pennsylvania defending people facing student loan lawsuits. He has been the student loan attorney other lawyers have referred people to when such individuals are facing student loan collection lawsuits. Contact our office at 1.866.520.6376 or e-mail us at to find out what defenses you might have in the pending student loan lawsuit. Don't delay because there are deadlines you have to meet if you are facing a lawsuit.

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