Repossession Deficiency Defense

When your vehicle is taken by the repo man, you may think that your vehicle loan issue is resolved.  Unfortunately, that would be the wrong assumption.  When your vehicle is repossessed, the creditor that issued you the vehicle loan has a right to collect any deficiency on the loan.  More times than not, the vehicle is sold for less than the fair market value at an auto auction, leaving a balance owed on the vehicle loan.  If you do not pay the deficiency, the lender can file a lawsuit against you to recover the deficient amount.  However, you may have defenses to this type of lawsuit if the lender did not comply with Pennsylvania repossession laws, as well as possibly other defenses or objections that may be raised.


At EDF Law, we help people find real relief from repossession deficiency lawsuits by exploring all possible options.





Please be aware that time limitations will apply to the lawsuit.  You must act quickly because a response to the lawsuit will be required within the deadlines set forth in the lawsuit papers.  We have helped people facing similar lawsuits resolve the lawsuits utilizing various methods.  Contact us today to receive a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you gain relief from the lawsuit.  When you call us, don't forget to ask about how we might be able to help you at no cost and what happens after the lawsuit is resolved.

Collection Judgments May Result In:



A lien against your house, making it difficult to sell or refinance



The sale of your personal property, including your vehicle & household furnishings



A bank account garnishment freezing your account



A negative effect on your credit report for years or even decades in certain circumstances








Have you been sued by Americredit Financial Services?

CALL US TODAY!  You may have defenses to the lawsuit.



If I want to hire an attorney, are the fees expensive?

Our fees to repesent you in any collection lawsuit will depend on a few factors that we can discuss during your free consultation.  Our fees are based on a flat rate with no hidden or additional fees. 


At EDF Law, we offer competitive rates and affordable payment plans that fit most budgets.  We understand this may be a difficult time for you and the last thing you need is to over pay for legal fees.


If the repossession lawsuit is a violation of consumer law, we will represent you for free and demand monetary damages & attorney's fees directly from the creditor.  In such cases, you will receive up to $1,000.00 for the violation plus actual damages when the creditor breaks the law.  To find out if the repossession lawsuit filed against you is a violation, contact us.

Will I have to go to court?

That will depend on how you handle the repossession lawsuit.  If you elect to represent yourself, you will have to go to court to defend yourself against the claims.  In most circumstances when you hire an experienced debt defense attorney, you will not have to go to court. There may be unique circumstances in your case that make it beneficial for you to attend a court hearing or require your attendance.       


We offer free consultations and can answer all of your questions or concerns when facing collection lawsuits.  By hiring us, you may avoid the inconvenience of calling off work and the stress of appearing in court.  The vehicle company has trained attorneys representing it, and so should you.

If the repossession lawsuit is not defective or I cannot work out an affordable arrangement with the vehicle company, are there any alternative debt relief options?

Yes.  Bankruptcy can be a realistic option to eliminate or reduce the repossession debt.  Bankruptcy will not only stop the repossession lawsuit, but it will also eliminate or reduce your other debts, if eligible.  There are times when bankruptcy is the right option for your debt situation and should not be viewed as a last resort.  At our office, we provide a personalized and complete evaluation of your situation to determine which options are going to provide you the realistic debt relief you are seeking.  Visit our Chapter 7 bankruptcy page or Chapter 13 bankruptcy page for more information.      

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